The 4 Best Classic Pontiac Models for Car Collectors

Pontiac is a well-known muscle car manufacturer with a long history of high-quality vehicles. Despite the efforts of competitors, the brand remained a world-class muscle car manufacturer to be remembered in the industry. The division was shut down by GM in 2010, which should be taken into consideration as well.

Pontiac GTO

Almost 100,000 GTOs were sold in 1966, making it one of the most popular muscle cars ever made. The 389 engine was standard equipment in all 1966 Pontiac GTO models. However, the fabled Tri-Power upgrade was the most sought-after power supply. The V-8’s dual carburetors aided in its outstanding 360 hp output. Because of its distinctive design, the 1966 Classic Pontiac GTO became an instant hit. The value of a 1966 Pontiac GTO is steadily rising, and for good reason; it is a major classic car for sale in Los Angeles. In 1966, it was one of the best muscle cars ever made.

Classic Pontiac

Classic Pontiac

Pontiac Firebird 400

Among Pontiac’s most popular muscle cars, the 400-powered Firebird was a standout. The Pontiac 400 is still one of our favorite V-8 engines for classic cars for sale in Los Angeles because of its role in some of most ferocious and bizarre muscle cars, as well as its fight against smog-choked, low-compression lameness. At the time, the Ram Air induction system was an available option on the Firebird 400, making it one of the city’s quickest automobiles. There was a lot of low-end torque and a constant output of power at high RPMs found in the engine.

Pontiac Bonneville

The Bonneville, a two-door muscle automobile, was introduced in 1958. In its base version, the 370-CI V8 engine produced 225 horsepower; the Tri-Power option provided 300 horsepower; and the line fuel-injected option generated 310 horsepower. The 1958 Bonneville was one of the city’s most powerful and fastest muscle cars because of its 440-cubic-inch V-12 engine. When the Bonneville first hit the market, it was well-received, selling to more than 12,000 people, and it remains a classic car for sale in Los Angeles.

Pontiac Banshee

There were actually two Classic Pontiac Banshee concepts. One was a concept built on the Corvette platform that, aside from its two-hinged trunk that opened from the front or rear, foreshadowed much of the design of the first Firebird in 1962. The second, in 1988, had a fiberglass body atop a tube-frame chassis, which again predicted future aesthetic characteristics. Even though it appeared to have a mid-engine design, the car was actually front-wheel-drive. However, it had infrared-activated doors that could be opened with the press of a button.


These are the four major classic Pontiac cars that still remain in the minds of the brand’s enthusiasts. These iconic vehicles all feature powerful engines and sleek designs.

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