About Us

I have been a collector of classic cars for many years, and just like so many of us, I should have never sold a single car that I have ever owned. A number of years ago, I had a few friends ask me to sell some of their cars for them. Because I was glad to do this, I built this web site and advertised their cars in the appropriate print magazines like Hemmings, Autabuy and others. My hobby has grown into a business that I love. Please click the “About Us” Icon to read more about what I do. As you will read, although I live in Los Angeles, many of these cars are located here in Southern California, but many of them are kept in the possession of their owners. Because this seems to work out best for everyone, I have put in the description of each car where the car is located. Knowing where each car is located will help you out especially if you want to see the car before you buy it, it may be located very close to where you live.