6 Iconic Ford Cars That People Will Terribly Miss

classic ford cars

Ford is a highly successful car manufacturing company with over a century of producing cars. Ford has made some gems over the years but their demise will leave a significant gap in the automobile market.

Here are some of our Top Ford models that are legendary;

1955 Thunderbird

The 1955 Thunderbird is one of the most iconic Ford vehicles. It has a powerful engine of 5.1L V8 engine that produced 193 horsepower. It features fender skirts, a retractable fiberglass top, and a fabric convertible top. The little bird gave to the masses what Bugatti and Mercedes only afforded the rich. This is a simple vehicle that has earned a reputation for being trouble-free. This makes the 1955 Thunderbird a good investment vehicle.

1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator

The 1969 Mercury Cougar Eliminator is one of the classic ford cars 1960s for sale. It is a hardtop coupe equipped with the Boss 302 engine, four-speed manual transmission, and Super Drag Pak. This was a well-received vehicle thanks to its unique features and high-performance engine. It comes with a special belt line white pearl stripe, a blacked-out grille, functional front and rear spoilers, and high-back bucket seats.  It comes with a 428 ci 335 horsepower, Cougar Cobra Jet engine with a functional Ram-Air Hood Scoop.

1965 Ford Galaxie

1965 Ford Galaxie is a 2-door hardtop that comes with a 427ci SOHC M-Code V8 engine with a 4-speed manual transmission. This model comes in an all-new design different from the previous Galaxies. It features stacked dual headlights, LTD and XL trim package, dual exhausts, and a four-barrel carburetor. It also comes with a three-link rear suspension with coil springs for better performance.

Ford Ardun Sprint Race Car

Ford has made some of the best award-winning race cars, and the Ford Ardun Sprint Race Car is no exception. This vehicle came when the American and European societies had begun evolving very quickly. The Ford Ardun Sprint Race Car was introduced with the 289 V8 and a 4-speed manual transmission, plus various go-fast options.

1968 Ford Fairlane Torino GT

The 1968 Ford Fairlane Torino GT was designed for NASCAR racing. Are you a race car lover looking to invest in a collectible? The 1968 Ford Fairlane Torino GT is one of the classic ford cars 1960s for sale that gives you top speed.

1968 Ford Fairlane Torino GT

The 1968 Ford Fairlane Torino GT is another classic vehicle designed for NASCAR racing. It comes with a sleeker look that makes it stand out from the other classic race cars.

You cannot go wrong by investing in any of these Ford classics because they are sure to give you top value for money.

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